Thursday, May 6, 2010

Potty Combinations

Fern at Life on the Balcony often comes up with some awesome pot combos like this one, and this one. In my last post where I waxed lyrical about carrots I mentioned my own impropmtu pot combo of carrots, sunflowers and cornflowers. Sorry Chandramouli, I have no idea how big the pot is - I'll measure it when I get time - but it seems as deep as it is wide and about twice to three times in length. Needs to be deep enough to let the carrots grow well.

It is not the only odd, spur of the moment pot combo in my garden. When I went to pull the zucchini out and replace it with a broccoli I noticed a few violas (johnny jump ups) around the edge of the pot. Not wanting to lose them and their lovely colour I kept them in the pot combo. Add one broccoli seedling , three types of lettuce seedlings, some dwarf snow pea seeds and voila, a lovely if wierd combination. Here are two pictures of it a month on.

The purple of the violas and the white of the snow pea flowers are lovely together. The trellising keeps everything in place without crowding the broccoli like last time.

You have to be careful with combos. One of my new ones will be doomed to failure. Yes, I dared to do the taboo, I put alliums and peas together. It was more an oops and a lax moment in failing to look at my companion plant list; leeks and peas were planted in the same container, along with lettuce, broccoli (including one romanesco broccoli seedling.) I can't bring myself to remove either so I'll let them battle it out, maybe one will win, maybe they'll both die, but oh well.

Any other good ideas for random combos?


Anonymous said...

No new ideas of my own, but I do like yours! I really must try some combinations like that this year -- I never thought about how pretty carrot tops are and how well they would combine with other things. Thanks for the ideas!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I did think of something I did last year that was very pretty...rainbow chard with just about any bright flower is beautiful. I planted it with celosia last summer. :)

prue said...

See you did have a lovely combo, that would be so colourful and lovely. Raindow chard is the best garden leafy veg, it adds so much more than simply spinach to a meal

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Thanks for linking to LOTB, glad you found those posts useful. Lately I have been totally in love with violas and pansies for some reason.

Do you know why onions and peas aren't supposed to be grown together? I've read that too, but I don't recall the reason.

prue said...

Hey Fern, you always have such great ideas for combinations. I love violas too because they are so hardy. Yep I know the whole pea onion thing, but I went for it anyway, let's see who kills who first :)