Monday, May 24, 2010

Harvest Monday Happiness

A rainy Monday evening and I am just drying off after another snailageddon on the balcony garden. No matter how many I kill they just keep on coming! Still they can't get their hands on my harvest this week, well most of my harvest.

Snow peas are in at the moment, if this post at the 6 x 8 garden is to go by (and others that I have read recently but have slipped my mind.) They are in on the balcony garden too, crisp, sweet and ever so tasty. I only get three or four at a time, but once the rest of the peas grow through the harvest will increase. Yay for future stirfries!

Carrots get pulled out of the ground ever now and then. Good in salads and the vibrantly coloured ones are going to be a hit at my Casablanca 30th Birthday Party on the weekend.

Golden beetroot, pulled out, grated and placed in a beetroot and autumn veg risotto. Yum

I get a solid amount of lettuce and silverbeet eat week, probably a fistful every day. Enough for a plate of salad or an extra green sandwich.

Coriander is ready for the picking, and I had a leaf or two as a delicious garnish on my beetroot pearl couscous dish tonight (alas the beetroot was store-bought given the slowness of my purple beets in the balcony garden.)

Eggplant. Can't remember what I used it for, but whatever it was I bet it was tasty. There are even more eggplants on this hardy little plant! And it is almost winter here!!!

And these two delicious veggies, a butternut pumpkin and some cabbage, came from my cousin's garden. The pumpkin has been put in some pumpkin, pinenut and paprika filo parcels for the party this weekend (hiding in the freezer at present so they keep yummy and don't get eaten by myself before the party) and will also be cooked up to go in pumpkin coconut creme brulee. The cabbage has been added to many things including salads, a stir fry, and a corned beef.

The broccoli is budding so there might just be a new addition to the harvest post next week ... If you want to see more harvests pop on over to Daphne's Dandelions and join in the fun.


Thomas said...

Nice golden beetroot! I can't wait to try this variety this year.

Daphne said...

It looks like your balcony garden is really doing well for you. I noticed today that my peas are just starting to bloom. I can't wait for them to be ready.

Chandramouli S said...

Wow! There's lots of yummy stuff growing in your garden this year!

Megan said...

I've read your blog for a while, and JUST noticed that you live in Australia! You have eggplant right now, and said it was almost winter, and I was just plain confused! :)
Awesome harvest! :)

Ottawa Gardener said...

That's a nice collection of vegetables you have there. Everything looks lovely and tasty.

Erin said...

Looks like a great harvest! What kind of carrots are you growing?

villager said...

You have a REALLY nice variety of veggies going on there! I'll bet that eggplant was tasty. That pumpkin coconut creme brulee sounds interesting!

Angela said...

Very impressive variety of vegetables you manage to grow on a balcony! have you tried copper tape around your pots to deter slugs? Of course you most likely have too many and too large pots to make this solution practical, but it worked for me when I had a greenhouse.

prue said...

Thanks everyone for all the comments!

Thomas - it is lovely and sweet, hope yours turn out well

Daphne - it seems to be doing well. Peas must be one of those vegies that cross the seasons a little. Worldwide pea blooms here we come.

Chandramouli - lots indeed, though never enough. Hope the seeds are germinating at your place well :)

Megan - thanks for reading. Yep in Australia, which means I am now heading into the cold season, no tomato growing so I hope some Northern Hemisphere folks put up pictures of their ripe tomatoes as soon as they appear.

Ottawa Gardener - I can vouch that is tasted yummy too

Erin - I grow two different kinds of purple carrots, purple haze and purple dragon, yellow ones and lunar white ones. I grew atomic red ones once but they were small and very slow.

Villager - it certainly was, all the eggplants have been tasty this year. Recipe for coconut creme brulee can be found on the net easily, just google the name and pick your recipe. :)

Angela - thanks for the suggestion of copper tape, I'll try it on the largest pot, but you are right, too many pots to be covered - however if I get the main ones then we will be back on track.