Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flowers for fabulous fare: thanks EARL canteen

Sandwiches have been on the brain of recent weeks, shown by my post on the decadent fig and prosciutto sandwiches I've been munching on lately. To the gardners out there, I am sorry for this lunchtime obsession and to this end I am sorry to add that this isn't a post on gardening, but the above flower pic is to satiate the gardeners and to serve as a floral thankyou to EARL canteen for making my tummy very happy. EARL canteen is a new, restaurant quality, sandwich place in Melbourne's CBD which, after reading some of the enticing blog reviews, including Melbourne Gastronome, Eating Melbourne and ThatJessHo, to name but a few, I concluded it was a must visit. Seriously just look at the pictures on those posts, how could you not want to visit?

Flexible lunchtime hours offered by the PhD experience meant that I could afford the time to wander down to EARL last Wednesday. Colleague E joined me and we treked all the way from Melbourne Uni to Bourke Street to join the sandwich bliss experience. We weren't disappointed. I am still dreaming about my pork belly sandwich, while drooling at the prospect of trying their other, amazing flavours (or just having another pork belly one!!!) Colleague E ate their Duck confit ciabatta which was equally as impressive. The macaron, which was enjoyed a few hours later on South Lawn with a short mac while back at uni was absolutely wonderful.

The service was so friendly and the experience so wonderful that colleague E and I flirted with the desire to have such a place on campus. But then we decided no, on campus would be too much, our cholesterol levels would skyrocket and our wallets fall in the opposite direction. Plus the walk to EARL in the sunny, but chilly Melbourne Autumn weather was just as fun as the feed and calorie burning enough to warrant eating such filling fare.

So thankyou EARL, what a wonderful lunch, and we will be back next week for more (with more hungry decent-sandwich-starved history postgrads in tow)

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