Sunday, March 28, 2010

MIFGS is so close yet so far

I am at Uni on a Sunday, working away on the thesis and grant applications and RA work and generally hiding away inside. While the weather outside is a little windy it is not entirely unpleasant but the self-imposed study exile means I am missing a few lovely garden moments. This weekend the MIFGS - the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is on. I went last year, and it was pretty fun and from reports by friends it was pretty good this year too. For a review see Garden Amateur's post on his adventures at MIFGS. I wont be making it this year, although I am only a few blocks down the road from it as I write! I'll be even closer when I wander over to Lygon street for a necessary afternoon coffee. Oh well, there is always next year.

Other garden loveliness is eluding me today too. The first red sunflower and the white cornflower opened on the balcony. I wished I could stay and bask in their newly opened glory but alas the sheer volume of work cut this to a few measily seconds. Still it was enough time to take photos and I will upload them sometime soon.

So to keep me happy, and to let you bask in the balcony garden too, I posted a pic of its recent state at the top of this post. Greeny goodness, Enjoy.


Jamie said...

Thanks for the mention, Prue! That was my first MIFGs, and I was impressed. I'll be back, too.

prue said...

Jamie - thanks for the thorough review! Looks like the rain clouds are rolling in right now, so those who are still at MIFGS or the other million outdoor things that are on this weekend might get a little wet!

Chandramouli S said...

Hi-Fi! I too don't get much time with my garden these days with my work and frequent trips out of my city. I finally have started growing tomatoes! That's a big YAY for me. Thank to you for all the inspiration!
I am still amazed that you grow so much in such small space, Prue. And, do you remove the leaves from your sunflowers? I see few in the plant. Does that make the flowerhead bigger?

prue said...

Hi Chandramouli - Yay for the tomatoes!!! I hope they grow well. What kind are you growing?
Nope, the leaf loss on the sunflowers is because of a disease and was not a choice of mine. If anything you need more leaves to make sure the energy gets to the head to make a good flower. Best of luck with it all.