Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hail to the Damage

Wow looked like last night Perth got a storm that resembled ours from a few weeks back. Lots of hail, lots of rain and lots of damage. Which reminded me that I hadn't posted the pictures of the hail damage on the balcony garden. Apart from decapitated sunflowers (who oddly seem to be sprouting new heads!?!?!) stripped basil, rotten water clogged zukes and the requisite powdery mildew outbreak it was the large succulent of succulent corner that recieved the brunt of the damage. A few weeks later it is even more obvious.

The 'leaves' are browning where the hail dented and scratched them. The edges are similarly browning from where they were torn. Not sure whether to cut it all back to the very small, new growth underneath, or get rid of it entirely and plant something else. Decisions, decisions.


Bangchik said...

Leave the scars and scratches where they are, to see how the plant corrects itself. Like us too, how do we adjust to scars in life. We get better each time.. yea?

ATW said...

Last year in the states we recieved so many storms and in one evening a hail storm flattened everything in the garden it was a complete disaster. All of our hard work seemed to have been flushed down the toilet. However, due to several bloggers who experienced the same thing. They encouraged me to just hold tight and let plants come back on there own. I didn't want to believe it, but the proof was there. The plants with the exception of a small few that were totally split in half made a remarkable comeback and went on to produce some good quality yeilds for the season. I was happy:)

Meredith said...

If you remove the single sunflower from the main stalk early enough, you'll sometimes get a smaller batch of sunflowers emerging as side shoots. Hope that is the case for you! Hail can be such a sad occasion. :(