Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day/Night

As in February so happens in March. Harvest Monday and Garden bloggers blooms day fall on the same day! Again here are just a few snapshots of what is blooming on the balcony garden this early Autumn. Only this time there is a bit of a difference - these are night time shots! I swear my neighbours think I am completely ready to be sectioned, running around a balcony at 10pm with a flashing camera taking snapshots of petally things, and they are probably right!

We also have to introduce a new arrival, the chinese lantern, which has the most amazing red flowers (my ancient camera does not do them justice)

The fuschia is flowering

As is the marigold (or yellow cornflower as special housemate H calls it)

And the black cornflowers

And the blue cornflowers.

The eggplant is putting out a few last flowers

And of course, who could forget, the sunflowers.

Turns out I have a reddish sunflower too, which I only noticed one day when I looked up as I entered the apartment complex. See this fellow faces outwards and is deceptively yellow from the backview! The things you find out when you just look up. No photos though!!!


Marie said...

Running around at night with a flashing camera is bound to cause the neighbors to shake their heads and wonder about your sanity. LOL Nice blooms on the balcony!

Chandramouli S said...

There's quite a variegation in your garden, Prue! Amazing. I long for cornflowers and eggplant. Strange that it's been more than a week since I've planted them but they haven't germinated!

prue said...

Marie - hehe indeed!

Chadnramouli - hang in there, they can take a while to germinate! Fingers crossed. Though I mused admit I cheated with eggplant and bought a seedling.