Monday, March 29, 2010

Harvest Monday - Out of town tomatoes

I was given some lovely tomatoes by my relatives which they harvested from their garden (along with some zucchini, some squash and a beetroot). Two black krims (one already eaten by the time I remembered to photograph) and a collection of red and yellow cherry tomatoes from bushes that sowed themselves. The black krim had an amazing taste, the cherries were hit and miss, some were divine, some had a wierd after taste, but all were appreciated.

Most days I harvest mixed lettuce. I don't have a picture of the harvested lettuce, but this is where some of it is growing, along with new broccoli and a sunflower.

I harvested some sage the other day for my market-bought gnocchi. Shame on me for not making my own gnocchi. While the burnt butter sage sauce was divine, the gnocchi itself was woefully tasteless. So much for the pasta place at the markets, I think I'll have to go the hard yards and make my own again from now own.

I am off to Adelaide on Wednesday to celebrate Easter with my lovely parents, their two puppy dogs and two Aunts and an Uncle (which means I get to sleep in the study!!!.) This means I will leave special Housemate H to tend to the garden. If she is lucky she will get to harvest some of these while I am gone!


Chandramouli S said...

Have a great time, Prue, during Easter. The eggplant looks like it'd grow huge!

Daphne said...

What a nice treat to have extra tomatoes. I find that cherries grown from saved hybrid seed really are hit and miss. Most are just wonderful, but occasionally you get some really strange ones.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Burnt butter and sage sauce with gnocchi sounds wonderful and yet another way to use sage. It grows so well and looks so beautiful here that I am always looking for ways to expand my recipe repitoire with it.

Mmmm... tomatoes.

michelle said...

Hmmm, google is being weird about showing photos so I can't see all of your harvest, but what I can see looks wonderful. Tomatoes are still a long way off. . . it's nice to get to ogle yours. I love burnt butter and sage also, it's oh so good with winter squash ravioli or stuffed squash blossoms also.

Dan said...

Enjoy your getaway!