Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black Blooms

I've tried again, with limited success to photograph the 'black' cornflowers. Technically they are dark purple, noticeable more in the flash photos above, but they are labelled black so I am going to stick with that. And unlike the yellow cornflower experiment (which were marigolds in disguise according to housemate H) these deep, royal, purple beauties actually are cornflowers. They look wonderful, with about three or so clumps scattered around the balcony. One is next to a purple basil which makes an interesting colour combination.

And what about the white blooms on the balcony? You'll have to wait until tomorrow!


Dan said...

They are a nice shade!

Bangchik said...

When the right colors get themselves together, the whole place is sweet. But black cornflower?.. interesting!