Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hurricane Proofing Your Home

* Today's post is a guest post from the lego people that live on the windowsill.

You may remember us from such posts as living the tomato life, and strawberry pots are just not big enough. We are the lego people who live on Prue's windowsill. Back in the day our house was small, really small.

Soon we upgraded to bigger digs, more elaborate but a bit more flimsy, and this is when the trouble began. You see, we live in a hurricane zone, a pretty bad one too, where Hurricane J strikes quite often and with catastrophic ferocity. I know Hurricanes are usually named in a sequential, alphabetical order but this hurricane is always the same. It comes, it tears our home apart, engulfs some cheese and crackers, then disappears for a bit. We've asked Prue if we could move somewhere safer but she doesn't approve of that, and the one time she tried Hurricane J caught up with us anyway. We don't mind rebuilding our home, it means we get to try out new looks. Here is an old design.

When Hurricane J hits, one day the house will be up, then a few pieces get ripped off.

Then piles of rubble.

Occasionally bits end up where they shouldn't, like a postbox on the roof!

One day we decided to build a castle instead, because historically they seemed like strong structures.

Unfortunately Hurricane J got to that one too. There was the Bar but after one particularly bad spate of hurricane ocurrances that got flattened also.

This was the shortest lived house, it lasted about 20 minutes!

So now we sit here, blocks in hand ready to rebuild. Any suggestions? What is a Hurricane J proof house? A pyramid? A bigger castle? An igloo? We are up for any suggestions! Oh and if you see our Ungle Bob, say hi. He is the adventurous fellow who one day, fed up with the hurricanes took of with his rucksack. He was last spotted somewhere in the bathroom.

I heard he had progressed to sitting atop the world map these days! Thanks for letting us guest post and we look forward to your suggestions on new houses to build.


Alexa said...

I recommend an underground bunker! Perhaps if you flipped the ground upside-down and built underneath...

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Legos! I love ya all! Your houses and creativity is just awesome. I'd go for a castle! Go for it!

Kalena Michele said...

Too cute! I haven't played with Legos in forever it seems.