Monday, January 25, 2010

Yellow Flowers in Lieu of Harvest Pictures.

Alas no pictoral harvest post today. My camera is with a friend in the archives, and I didn't manage any blurry shots of the food I picked this week anyway. There was a harvest and it involved an eggplant which I stuffed with tomatoes, zucchini, rice and the insides of the eggplant itself for one meal, a few small zucchini, the dwindling tomatoes that manage to ripen, some carrots (some yellow ones from the carrot pot, some small purple ones from the tomato pot that got turfed yesterday), lots of silverbeet and plenty of herbs. I am not sure if this counts as a harvest post when there are no pictures. Actually here is an old picture of an eggplant - it's from the same bush so maybe we can just imagine! :)

Hopefully next week I can put in a harvest post before I have my 24 month thesis review and head off to Adelaide to visit my family. Still chugging along on the thesis while entertaining some lovely house guests at the moment so busy, busy, busy. I enchanted them with my yellow and purple carrots last night, along with the ubiquitous gnocchi, which went down a treat. In more floral news, things are beginning to bloom yellow on the balcony. Another sunflower has taken flight.

There are plenty more where that came from. I seem to have planted them everywhere in the garden at the moment, 4 around the eggplants, 5 in the new zucchini pot and one randomly in with some radishes! The marigold, even though it doesn't need to protect the tomatoes anymore, is beginning to open.

There is another yellow flower staring at me at present - a female zucchini flower, but no male flower on the plant. There was a male flower in full bloom yesterday so I took Dan's advice and put it in the fridge for safe keeping. Now to see if it actually worked!


Dan said...

The eggplants looks good. Good luck with the zuc pollination!

prue said...

hehhe thanks for the good advice Dan, fingers crossed. Although my housemate's Dad dropped in a zuke from his garden yesterday that is huge, so looks like we wont starve hehehe.

Kate said...

Nice work with that eggplant! I hate 'em but I think they'd be cool to grow... :))

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Prue~~ Great idea, saving the Mr. parts for the Mrs. I hope it works. I am amazed at what you are able to grow in your balcony. Green thumbs!

Ottawa Gardener said...

I'm a huge fan of the eggplant so old picture or not, I think it counts. Funny because of the lack of scale, I thought it was an olive at first.

Michelle said...

The stuffed eggplant sounds yummy and the sunflower looks so cheerful! It's a nice reminder that one of these days summer will return to my garden.

vrtlarica said...

I have to agree with Ottawa gardener - to me eggplant looked like bean seed :-)

I love eggplants, but somehow I don’t have any success growing them. This one looks perfect.

Daphne said...

To heck with the eggplant. I'm impinging your silverbeet (which I'm pretty sure means chard in American). I so miss fresh greens from the garden.

prue said...

Kate - so many people hate them, hehe, but you are right they are fun to grow.

Grace - I have Dan to thank for that bit of advice, hope it works too!

Ottawa Gardener - hehe yeah I should get better with my camera work but my camera is so old it usually goes blurry when more than one thing tries to be in focus! Time for a new camera methinks.

Michelle - It was, and I upped the ratio of veg to rice so it was really tasty and not too carby (stupid diet imposed by the doctor)

Vrtlarica - they need a lot of heat from what I am told, and we get that here so Eggplants grow well. Either that or I am just lucky.

Daphne - hehe you inspired me to post a special on just the chard (yep silverbeet it chard, and I have rainbow ones) just for you :) That is when I get my camera to work.