Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hot and Hotter

It is hitting the warmer part of summer again, although we are not tippoing the 40s which is a releif. It was nearly a year ago that black Saturday happened, where fires ravaged parts of Victoria and so many lives were lost. I do wonder how far the safety measures have come since. At least today is not set be 46 degrees like it was on black Saturday, but it is still 37 degrees with winds of over 50kms an hour. Finger crossed all goes well for those in fire prone areas.

The balcony is getting a lashing from the wind and the sun makes it difficult for some of the softer plants (tomatoes not included!!!) I even chatted with me lovely neighbour about ti this morning and informed her that is was the wind, as much as the sun that was drying her pots out (she has a few herbs, some succulents and a chilli, love it!) I also love the fact we were both still in our pyjamas at 11 o clock on a Sunday morning (I suspect she has since changed, I am still donning the pink gingham, bedtime number) But the sun, nor my pyjamas bottoms are the hottest things on the balcony, this is:

A habanero. One fruit, fully formed and just waiting to ripen to a golden orange. There is another on the way, and hopefully a few more form over the weeks. The ants are wreaking havoc with pollination but it seems a few chillies have managed to escape. Not sure if this is one 'hot' I will embrace, at least not without donning the cooking gloves first!


Dan said...

Ha, I have not gotten dressed today either. My excuse is it is -14c out so not much point in going out.

The habanero looks great. I've never tried them before, bit of a light weight for heat. Some jerk chicken on the barbie might be nice.

Alexa said...

I'm so jealous! My serranos have had dozens of blossoms but every single one has dropped off so far. I think I need to figure out an even hotter spot for it or I won't get a single one ripe before autumn.