Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Upside Down Upside Down

Mr Squiggle, the 1980s TV show was mentioned on the weekend at the Balcony Garden DInner Party. I was always more of a blackboard fan, than of this space faring pencil-nosed 'artist'.

His muffled catchcry of 'upside down upside down' meant that the pictorial puzzle was about to be reveal (unless you stood on your head which led you to know that the glorified caricaturist was merely drawing a zebra, the next thought being what could you send in that would stump this arrogant excuse for an afternoon TV puppet)

No more Mr Squiggle, he is either back to the moon, or, as facebook would have you beleive, recovering from a recent fall into the darker aspects of life.

I have a case of Upside down Upside down in the garden. The cherry tomatoes, most of which formed the usual way, threw this beauty up the other day. And no I did not just stand on my head to take a photo, these little babies just wanted to be different from the others.


Dan said...

I am glade I was young enough to not remember much of the 80's. All that hair and puffy pants, scary stuff.

I must say that you have one interesting tomato plant there. I have never seen this before, it's like it is defying gravity. You should save the seed from these ones and see if they will grow a whole plant of upside down tomatoes. I can hear the Circus and Guinness calling now :-)

Anonymous said...

That certainly is intriguing! But it will taste all the better, I'm sure. I'd be thrilled to have tomatoes on my balcony in any form right now. :)

Anonymous said...

Think of what non-gardeners are missing! Cute post.

Chandramouli S said...

Interesting, Prue. Your tomatoes seem to have a personality ;)