Monday, February 9, 2009

No Mum, that's not pumpkin soup

Despite what it looks like, the contents of that teacup is not a creamy pumpkin soup. It is, of all things, a yellow tomato paste that went in to making a rather decadent meal for two.

Saturday, our 46.4 degree day led me to hide out indoors. I had earlier pulled as many tomatoes as possible off the plants in a vain hope of saving them from the ills of the hot weather. After colour coordinating the tomatoes I realised with glee that I had just enough to make a batch of pasta sauce out of the yellow ones!

Peeled and chopped, I reduced the yellow tomatoes down, seeds, mushy bits and all, over a low heat. This took a good half hour or so. Then added some grated mushrooms, garlic, carrot and basil and simmered away gently until it was just the right consistency.

It didn't stop there. While I am a fan of homemade pasta, the lack of flour in the house, and a severe disinterest in exiting the walls of the place, meant I had to go the fallback option of store bought fresh lasagne sheets. Ravioli (of sorts) was on the cards, with a basil and 3 cheese filling (Brie, Smoked and Cheddar). I cut the lasagne sheets into shapes, placing filling gently between two and folding to close. What shape did I choose? See below!

Add one garden fresh salad, complete with a home grown lettuce and green zebra tomato, add cooked pasta, top with the yellow tomato sauce, more cheese, some basil and voila!

Decadent and delicious and mostly homemade! Yum.


My Mother's Garden said...

Yummy! It looks absolutely scrumptious! Great fast thinking before you tomatoes had a chance to go bad.

Anonymous said...

What a mouth-watering meal -- I can taste the zing in that sauce!

Michelle said...

oh wow, that looks, uh, looked good!

Antigonum Cajan said...

This blog reminds me of one my postings: Similarities between
Gastronomy and Horticulture/Gardening.

Until next..