Saturday, February 7, 2009

46 degrees and Balmy

Ok so it is 46 degrees celcius outside today, 46.4 to be exact, a record heat in Melbourne, and not by any stretch of the imagination is it balmy. It is hot, dangerously hot, and the balcony garden is not looking at all happy. While the weather isn't balmy, I am. Not sure it was the heat that did it, I performed this action a couple of days ago when the temperatures were lower and the city was coming to terms with the last heatwave, but perhaps it is the heat that is making me admit my embaressing action - I colour co ordinated the tomato haul!

I've always been known for my intricacies (read obesessions), my housemate has long suffered the particular way I must hang my washing (back home I even needed to colour co ordinate the pegs to the clothes, no mean feat!) I have other intricacies too, a phobia of watching people using toothbrushes amongst them (ooooh do my friends have fun with that one)

But i figured rather than fight this silly action, I'd blog about it an rejoice in its harmless ridiculousness. Behold the color co ordinated tomato haul (which has signficantly increased)

A lovely assortment of large and cherry yellow tomatoes with a solitary green zebra, most of which will end up in a quick pasta salsa for tonight's meal

Some red cherries, and a roma, though this pile has more than tripled in the last three days

A bowl full of black russians - destined for our black russian black russian evening this Tuesday - black Russian Bolognaise with a side of vodka/kahlua!


Chandramouli S said...

well, I'd say that's not something bad you did. And 46 deg. C???????? Whoa! We've never had such high temps. and we complain 40 deg C bakes us in summer! Your behavior is totally normal!

HelenJ said...

o) 46 degrees! I can't even imagine how much that is. How is it even possible to sleep, or think, or do anything in this heat....
But I love your colour coordinations! Very nice! =)

Pusepilde said...

Ok, at the moment I'm happy with my -20!
I'll send you a chilling breeze.

Colour coordination sounds familiar. I once sorted my books after colours on the back. It took a while before someone noticed, and then I had to rearrange them..

Northern Shade said...

I like your colour coordinated produce. There wouldn't be any clashing colours in your garden.
Wow, it must be difficult to breath properly when it gets that hot.
Sending you some icy thoughts, Northern Shade.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Your tomatoes look so pretty all color coordinated :) There is nothing like fresh home grown tomatoes.YUM! You sure are do for a break in the weather. More than a couple of days of it would shrivel anything up, but so many in a row.Ugh!

Dan said...

More beautiful tom's! That green zebra looks amazing, it is shaped like an oxheart tomato.

siskelkk said...

Thanks for the kind and cool wishes and reassurances. Luckily the heat has broken here, but the bushfires are terrible. Just got to do what we can to help and then keep looking to the good things - like tomatoes!