Thursday, November 27, 2008

the basil society

The First thing i ever grew on the balcony was basil. Regular sweet and tasty, my ever present and essential Italian cooking friend. It loved the sunny space and usually managed to avoid flowering and wilting away (with a little pinching help) until well into winter. Twas the envy of my friends.

Then i discovered my adventurous gene and plain old basil got some new friends. We have lemon basil, Thai basil, a wierd ruffley basil, random basil with some dots on it, but i can't seem to work out what kind of basil it is,

purple basil!

It is a basil carnivale on my balcony, unless the spider mites get it all first.

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Sue said...

I'm a basil lover and collector, too. Mine are long gone, as our winters in Nebraska, U.S. are too cold. I forgot to plant a smaller kind in a pot to try to live for awhile inside this year. I do start some inside some years in the spring to plant out.