Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The History of the Balcony Garden

There are some things i am good at. I am a fairly adept hand in the kitchen, and given i study 10 to 12 hours a day i think (hope) that is something i am also good at.

Gardening, however, is not something i have a clue about.

But it is a relatively recent addition to my obsessions.

Soooooooo along with my long suffering housemate i have taken to testing out my green thumb on our little patch of tiled wonderland of a balcony in inner(ish) city Melbourne.

Today's post will show you the state it is in until relatively recently - and i hope over the weeks to record just what i get up to in this pseudo garden.

I mostly don't know what i am doing, but am having fun trying!

Above is how it has looked in the past, one giant basil bush (that of course did not last out the winter) and a lemon tree harbouring friendly pot dwelling friends.

It has since undergone a bit of a development, and alongside the lemon tree and new basil (genovese, purple and lemon varieties) we have the addition of tomatoes (several varieties all haphazardly staked andoverplanted in pots that are far too little but then again only the hardy survive in this place), carrots, lettuce, snow peas (refer above comment regarding overcrowding and poor staking) coriander, succulents, parsley, thyme, rosemary and well so so so much more!

see the pictures below for an idea of how it looked a few weeks ago.

Now the lovely greenness is not limited to the balcony. We have a lovely sunny window, so what better than to fill it with random plants.

We have strawberries, basil and random cacti - succulents

So jump on board and lets see if i can't green up my own little back of Melbourne

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