Monday, December 1, 2008

The race is on

The race for first ripe tomato is picking up intensity after languishing in a rather stale game of you first - no you first - no i couldn't possibly, you first. They are awfully polite my little tomatoes!

It seems yellow tumbler is leading the way at the last bend

though Tommy toe which has given old yeller a run for its money the whole way might just have an upset victory

not to be outdone the second, later-planted yellow cherry is on the catch up, but it is probably a long shot

further down the pack with odds of about 134664:1 are the black russian, yellow low-acid tomato and one of the random 4 pack heirloom (possibly also black russian, but serves me right for not labelling) in the overcrowded pot. They at least have decided to join the fruiting party but probably have no ability to score an upset over their smaller cousins.

the rest - well it will take a miracle (not miracle gro) for them to flower and not fall off, fruit, form flesh of the appropriate colour and collect on my dinner plate.

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