Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Several Weeks on in real time - a few days in blogland

Ok so i realised those last few pics of the balcony oasis were a little out of date (if i recall rightly they were circa the AFL grand final).

To keep my mind off the Election (yay Obama!!!!) i decided to update the photo gallery.

Behold the balcony as it now exists.

Yummy overcrowded Carrots.
Tomatoes (random K-marts and Tommy Toes are fruiting!!!, Basil, Marigolds)
The Green Zebras, Tigerellas, Mortgage Lifters and Black Russians, all happily cozied in a single pot had a bit of a fight with some bugs but luckily seem to have come out on top

Equally overcrowded Snowpeas.
Succulent Corner is the only part which seems to be in right sized pots

And look there are little tiny tomatoes on the yellow cherry, tommy toe and random K-mart tomato.

We also purchased a brand new hanging basket to repot the succulent, except that it ended up housing a new tomato plant! oops

And even indoors things are going great guns! Except that the rather large cactus is having a case of Mr Floppy

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Northern Shade said...

You fit a lot of green onto your balcony. With your basil collection, you could have a different Italian meal each day of the week.