Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Teeny Tiny Confession

I feel compelled to ask for absolution, the guilt is piling high, higher than any stake in the pots on the balcony can handle and i think letting it out in print will be the only thing to right the wrong that unfolded the other evening.

In drought addled Melbourne we have water restrictions, a necessary evil to keep water use at an almost acceptable level (though i do feel more could be done - i mean our upstairs neighbours have the world's longest showers which really are using most of Melbourne's water supply daily!!!) However i must admit, i was an inadvertant culprit one night. We do the usual tricks in our place, saving the warm up water, the veggie washing water and all those glasses of water that pile up when i am working tend to end up on the plants if i feel they are all too stale for my precious tastes.

Now one night, in the not so distant past i went out for a bite to eat with friends (Yummy food, frum Ghurka's on Lygon, highly recommended) and managed to imbibe a fair amount of wine at the same time. One would probably be inclined to call me pretty amusingly intoxicated. Euphoric a friend and i ventured home - to find the daytime sun had seriously dried out the balcony paradise. In my drunken delirium i proceeded to dump all the household water i could find on the plants (no true thought as to how bad overwatering could also be) I blame that last glass of red but for some reason i accidently supplemented this watering can frenzy with some evian from the tap. What's worse was with my impaired judgement a major overwatering was a given, and inebriated friend and i almost ended up jumping puddles in the balcony.


Most people complain about a drunk dial, or a drunken fling, and once i had a friend who drunkenly stole a cactus but i've never heard a tale about a drunken watering binge

At least i didn't water them with the pinot noir!

But what was worse than accidently drunkenly breaking water restriction ... 5 minutes later the storm clouds swarmed in and dumped a fair amount of rain on the balcony (cooool lightening too). Overwater from my glove and overwater from above.

So there it it - my confession! I feel no less guilty, but hopefully next time i have a tipple i won't reach for the wateringcan.

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