Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Christmas Succulent

Behold the Christmas Succulent.

This is the second year the Christmas Succulent has featured in my household, and i think it is about time the history of the Christmas succulent is told (i am an historian after all)

About this time last year, it being my first Christmas in my own home (i don't count the year i spent it abroad in Prague, travelling is not living, it is just plain, good fun) and although my parents were not visiting i thought it wise to follow tradition and put up a Christmas tree. Alas my housemate at the time was not a fan of Christmas, and thus wished me not to put such an abhorrent amount of plasticised or living festive greenery in our apartment. Apparently a black fake Christmas tree would be acceptable but at over $100 i wasn't going to fork out that sort of cash for a one off bit of cheer. She also approved of the chocolate Christmas tree i made, another tradition i picked up from my lovely mother, but as tasty as it was, it did not really invite one to place presents underneath its nutty, honeycombey, chocolatey branches.

Several days later i liberated this succulent from a friend's garden waste and planted it on the balcony. It was happy in the balcony paradise, and fitted into the home almost immediately. Then i struck up an idea - the housemate had said no Christmas Tree but she never said no Christmas succulent.

So out to the shops i pranced, picked out some colour co ordinated sparkly goodies, and a black star (black tree, black star, i could simply claim to have misheard her) and ran back with glee to decorate my new succulent quasi-Christmas tree. He looked such a treat in all his finery.

This year, he is bigger (in major need of a prune, a pot change or a relocation to my birth mum's backyard) but just as beautiful. My folks are visiting this Christmas so they can enjoy his Australianish Christmasness.

And the new housemate loves him too (as she does the rest of the garden for she is a top inept balcony gardener housemate)

Thus is the history of the Christmas Succulent. It may not be 'traditional' but it is becoming tradition here.


Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I love succulents, and I really love your ingenious creation of your own holiday tradition.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blotanical and your wit will be welcome in my garden plot. You are too funny. Behold the Christmas succulent--love it.

inadvertentfarmer said...

ROFL...that is too darn cute! I love how traditions begin. Now about that black Christmas tree, didn't know that they made such a thing.

I wish you a happy holiday and your succulent!