Thursday, December 11, 2008

Midnight in the Balcony of Good and slightly Evil

There have been some lovely nights here in Melbourne and it is not ever mid summer yet! The sun is staying out longer and longer and has drawn us out later and later in the evening. It is always lovely to have a bevvie or two (or more) on the Balcony as the sun goes down, shining off the Docklands' architectural mysteries and enjoy the cooling greenery on offer.

But i have since discovered it has a certain magic even after the sun has left the sky, as the pictures below hopefully demonstrate.

The Dahlia was getting ready to burst forth (turns out it was orange) although the evening lack of lighting shows just how awfully infested with spider mites this bush is. Alas it will be culled shortly, after the Dahlia flowers, to save spreading these little pests. The marigold too seems even more intensely yellow after dark and is also similarly inflicted with little red menaces

It was in the evening when i first discovered the ripening of the tommy toes

The straight truss of the random k-mart (now identified as red cherry tomatoes as shown in the second photo) almost defies gravity.

New yellow tomatoes almost sparkle in the night

The new celosia are equally stunning in the eve

Hanging pots in the night

Thyme, lemon thyme, yummmmmmmm

No wonder i adore sitting by my bedroom door at night reveling in the beauty of the balcony (even if i do have to share it with the rather evil little spider mites, if only the lady bug in the coriander would diversify her appetite)


Thanks For 2 Day said...

I still can't get used to the idea that you are experiencing spring, and headed toward summer--while all of us in the 'other' part of the world are dealing with cold and snow, and sunless days! It's nice to see some photos taken at night. That reminds me that I should think about doing that:) Especially now, when all the Christmas lights are out everywhere! PS So sorry about your little spider mites:(
Take care, Jan

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I wish my dinky camera could take photos with only a little bit of light, because early evening is my favorite time to be outside with my plants. It's cool, and the moonlight makes the flowers and foliage look so pretty.