Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012

What a scorching start to the New Year! I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve and is ready for a great year ahead. I am having a bit of a different year and I am doing something I've barely done in decades. I am having a Teetotal 2012! That's right, the champagne swilling, cider downing doozy of a boozehound is going alco-free for a year. Some people laughed at me, others put in full support, some looked completely confused as to why a grown woman would contemplate such a farce.

I will most certainly continue to blog about the balcony garden here, but if you would like to follow my Alcohol Free 2012 Journey then pop on over to this blog and sign up:

A Teetotal 2012

Also, remember I am technologically retarded at the best of times, so I apologise in advance for any accidental cross posting.

Happy New Year Everyone, now I'm off to celebrate with a lemonade.

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