Monday, January 2, 2012

Harvest Monday (the first for 2012)

It's been a while since I managed one of these - so here are some pics of what I've harvested over Christmas.

Corn (about ten ears all up from this first batch)

Tomatoes (a few green zebras and lots of lemon drops and red tumblers), Cucumber (just one so far, but more to come), Basil (lots of basil)

I've also picked lots of mint of various kinds.

Ands nectarines, three of them, all tasting slightly different.

Gotta love a good harvest.


Funkbunny said...

What a fabulous harvest! I can't believe you grow so much (corn!?) on your balcony.

Kate said...

Incredible! I wish I had your green thumbs ... I'm hoping to plant a 'back porch' veggie garden after winter, so I'll be seeking your advice xxx

Mary Hysong said...

Wow, all that from a balcony?!!! That's fab!

prue said...

Funkbunny - Thanks! Corn also provides good protection from the busy street.

Kate - wish I could fly over and help you! Will help as much as I can from here (though your mum and dad are the real green thumbs)

Mary - thanks! It does pretty well for itz size said...

Wonderful harvest, you might have to change the name of your blog ;-) Pretty apt I'd say!

My Urban Gardens said...

Looks awesome! :)