Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Help a(an) Hibiscus Blossom

I promised hibiscus pictures a while back, and here they all are. Although this is usually a crisp white flower, for some reason it's gone dusty pink on the balcony garden. Seriosuly, that's not just the camera making them that colour. It is even more noticable on the one flower currently blooming on it. It's only ever had one bloom before (other than when I bought it) so to see not one, but 3 at one time was amazing.

For the record hibiscus plants are not really fans of living in a pot, because they have very deep roots. Make sure the pot is deeper than it is wide, and keep it relatively well watered. The plants can deal with a fair amount of heat, even slightly direct sun, but this one was suffering with my super strong Summer Westerly sun so it was moved a bit further back into semi shade. Lots of food and water and voila, you get at least some flowers.

There is so much more flowering, fruiting and feeding me in this garden, stay tuned for more posts on these lovelies.

But, in the meantime, if you want to read about lego cakes, Brisvegas and substituting alcohol with fairy bread head on over to my other blog.

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