Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Familia Familiar

Sorry for the lack of posting. I think the loveliness of being home with family coupled with the stress of thesis work/writer's block (on both the academic and blogging front) meant I just sunk into the couch with the two lovely spaniels and didn't move for a week. I did do a bit of a jigsaw (2000 pieces, alas unfinished) and watched way too many documentaries on serial killers and umbrella assassins, but it was necessary respite. I also managed to get outside and help Mum in the garden, putting in silverbeet and broccoli (Mum hates store bought broccoli but after my urging decided home grown might be good.) I felt like I was home, 'home' home not just in a house. I guess I am a family girl, not a daddy's or a mummy's girl but a family girl. If I lived there again I mightn't feel the same way but at the moment home is a lovely treat I get a few times a year.

That is not to say that Melbourne, my University home, and my balcony garden dwelling are not home either. Maybe someone can have two homes! Returning to find the garden looking lovely, well cared for by special housemate H (who has since moved back to her home, good luck!!!) made me smile. The gurgling of my ears from the place ride meant the smile didn't last long but that's just what happens when you have mangled inner ears.

Anyway enough musing about home and place and blah, blah blah. Now I am back I have to dive headlong into thesis, and blogging and my Melbourne life. But one last point on home - seems my attempt to create the Sagrada Familia went horribly awry, all the towers joined as one, and this latest lego mansion resembles a large, masonesque monument rather than Gaudi's creation. Still it comes complete with swinging doors and flag poles!

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Chandramouli S said...

Sometime we definitely need some rest and respite from the normal world and I see that has refreshed you.
Oh, I love your Lego Mansion! BTW, how are your strawberries doing? And when would you start your tomatoes? I miss them.