Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not the best of times

I apologise for the very short post tonight. Just a little message to let you all know I am heading to Adelaide for a 2 week period. I had wanted to celebrate a milestone in my PhD - the completion of my 2 year review. Mum and Dad have even booked in a special dinner. But it was not to be. Unfortunately after turning in all the work, taking various public holidays and Christmas off to complete aforementioned work, it seems my supervisor was not able (after 2 months) to organise a chair for the meeting so it never went ahead. Not that I didn't pass, or someone was ill, but just they couldn't manage it. ooops, sorry, reschedule maybe????

Suffice to say I am livid
absolutely livid.
Plus a little teary.
I upset easily, particularly when severely let down
and when I gave valuable time off to be with my books not my friends.

I deal with a lot of bureaucratic mess in my thesis, given that Melbourne Uni is going down a toilet, but this shambles takes the cake. It takes all the baked good too and anything with wheat, yeast or sweet bread like intentions. At least I get to spend 2 weeks with my family. It would have been 3 weeks but I have to cut my leave short to have the rescheduled meeting - because my associate supervisor is going away. Irony??? More like life - kind of sickening really.

Anyway please excuse the lack of lovely garden pictures and lack of good news but I am very disheartened by this experience, and quite exhausted. I will endeavour to post from Adelaide, with my folks lovely garden as the centrepiece!


Michelle said...

I really feel for you, the incompetent nincompoops! You react in the exact same way I do. It's just so frustrating to be so powerless in the face of bureaucratic ineptitude. I hope your visit to your folks in restorative. Enjoy your time with them and in the garden!

sev said...

I would be livid too ! feeling for you . Rest and recouperate and then go get em !

Jamie said...

I agree with Michelle and Sev – enjoy a well-deserved rest then go get 'em!

Dan said...

Sorry to hear about that. After all that work! I would call them on it in the meeting. I bet the get away will do you some good, enjoy the rest.

Kalena Michele said...

Hun, don't you dare be upset. Your hard work is going to be recognized very soon. In the meantime, I'm sure that you're getting some rest and keep thinking ahead. The week before I was supposed to graduate undergrad, my thesis supervisor told me that I had to do my thesis all over again because it wasn't to her liking. So I feel your pain. I got through it and graduated with honors so keep your head up :)

Melinda said...

Hope it works out for you. Enjoy the time with family.

Lynne said...

That is frustrating for you. But the end will be worth it, just like having a baby :-) Chin up and enjoy your break with your family. In 6 months with the benefit of hindsight, it won't matter very much. (I'm not trying to belittle what you are experiencing now,btw. It truly must be gutting).