Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flowery thankyous

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely comments recently and for helping keep my spirits up even when the thesis issues threatened to make me not smile for the first time in months! I am currently relaxing in Adelaide, and have been so slack I haven't even got the camera out yet to takes pictures of Mum and Dad's lovely garden! There are some amazing heat hardy flowers (it is truly hotter in Adelaide than it is in Melbourne) and the mortgage lifter tomato is currently ripening fruit of huge proportions! One will be with dinner tonight. I am currently attempting not to eat it beforehand in an act of selfish abandon.

As a thankyou for being so kind with your words and sentiments here are a few little pics of the balcony flowers, as I left them, last week. The first is a blue cornflower. I planted some cornflower seeds from a mixed packet of pinks, whites and blues a while ago. Unfortunately they all turned out blue (sorry Grace I wanted some pink one so I could match your garden if pink wonderness.) Not that blue cornflowers are bad, they are stunning, but I already had blue cornflowers and I wanted some more. I know it is too late to plant some more now, but stuff it, when do I ever listen to seed raising advice or seasonal necessities? When I get back to Melbourne I am planting some more cornflower seeds in the faint hope that one might turn out an alternate hue to blue.

Luckily I also planted some black cornflowers (this time in honour of Fern and her black flower 'interest'/'obsession'!!!) which as you can see are not yet flowering, but are well on their way. I wonder if they have flowered yet? I will have to ask my intrepid interim housemate who is duly looking after the balcony garden in my absence. If anything you can see the lovely basil behind it, and further in the distance my penchant for Gourmet Traveller Magazines (everyone has a guilty pleasure, right???)

Also in the garden the little fuschia is standing up to the heat as best it can. Its position is in a shadier spot, next to the wooden bench. Hopefully it can last through summer here.
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Last and by very means not least is the viola. I planted some of these with snap dragons in hanging pots a while back. When tomato season hit I transplanted both sets of flowers to individual pots, the snapdragons thrived, the violas got stuck in an ultra sunny position and perished. Around the same time wierd weedy intrusions to some of the pots appeared. They appeared to 'jump up' out of no where but in my laziness I didn't pull them all out. To my surprise and happiness they all turned out to be more voilas, self sown. Love it!

There is the balcony garden as it stood when I flew out last week. I am aiming to post on the gardens here soon, and also a lengthy post about the searing highs and niggling lows of a visit to Magill Estate last Saturday. Loved the venison, not sure where the truffles went though. More soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Prue~~ Sounds like you're basking in the throes of summer. It must feel great. Ah for a fresh, right-off-the-vine tomato...and your basil, yum. Glad to hear things are going better for you.

Michelle said...

It sounds like you are making the most of your much needed and certainly hard earned R & R. Kick back, relax and enjoy a few tomatoes, sounds wonderful! Thanks for the flower pics.

Lisa said...

How is Gourmet Traveller a guilty pleasure?? Better than one of those tacky gossip magazines...

prue said...

Grace - Tomatoes are amazing though I am having a hard time convincing Mum that mortgage lifters are pink, not a deep red!!! Sounds like a tomato that would fit the colour scheme in your garden!

Michelle - Loving the break. New flower pics coming soon, this time of my parents garden - the roses are divine!

Lisa - hehe anything not thesis related feels like a guilty pleasure these days! Did the seedlings survive?

Kalena Michele said...

You rock, hun!