Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Harvest Monday (1 day late)

Harvest Monday on a Tuesday and with no new pictures on my camera it makes me think I had no harvest. But just because I forget to photograph it doesn't mean it isn't there. The delicious tomato and cheese toasted sandwiches my bf and I had for dinner last night were nuanced by the basil from the garden.

And a ripe verison if this beauty - a black russian tomato. Despite nearly succumbing entirely to the wilt that takes over my tomatoes, which you can clearly see in the picture below, this guy survived a prune, regrew and gave me 5 more tomatoes. The wilt comes on early, so can't just be due to old age, and it affects other gardens locally. Definitely something to investigate - any suggestions intrepid gardeners of the world?

We've also been enjoying lettuce in our salads. Indeed the balcony garden grows so much lettuce that I can take it in salads that I bring to friends' BBQs and use it to feed 15 people! This picture is just one of the pick-and-come-again lettuces I grow in the garden. There are about 6 more of these scattered throughout.

Future harvests are poorly timed - I am off to Adelaide to visit family for Easter so I might not be able to enjoy the corn and snowpeas which are ripening as I type. Maybe I could have a cob of corn tonight with one or two snowpeas. Then again, they won't go to waste, they'll just be enjoyed by the housesitter.

If you are thinking, darn that TIBG is getting lazy, I'm not, it is just I've been a little preoccupied as this post shows.

Other harvests can be found over at Daphne's Dandelions. She has some delicious looking spinach ...


Bee Girl said...

Your basil and greens look beautiful! Could your tomatoes be suffering from blight? http://www.tomatodirt.com/tomato-blight-early.html

Happy harvesting!

Mary Hysong said...

well your lettuce and basil certainly look terrific. Not sure about the problem with the tomatoes; mine are usually fine as long as I give them lots of compost. Tho some swear by spraying with fish and seaweed every couple of weeks or even fermented compost tea.

Scyrene said...

There are two prominent wilting diseases of tomatoes, Fusarium and Verticillium. I'm not sure what you can do to avoid them, though some varieties are said to be more resistant than others. I hope you find a way around it :)

Daphne said...

That is one of the problems with traveling. You can't eat your harvests. My problem is I tell my townhouse mates to pick, but they don't. So the beans or whatnot start to set seed. I've got to train then better.