Sunday, April 1, 2012

400 posts and other milestones

This is my 400th post. Well ok it's the 401st but maths has never been my strong point so I'll celebrate it as if it is the rounder, former number. Besides, I was a little preoccupied when I hit the 400th posts because ...

... it is also the week for milestones. In case you missed it on my other blog, I passed my PhD!!!!!!!!! It even comes in multiple colours (well black for the library anyway.)

After 5 years of slogging it out, countless memoirs keeping me awake at night, far too many reading-about-war-related nightmares, treading the carpet bare in the 942.08 section of the library and venturing to conferences a plenty I'm now one graduation ceremony away from being Dr Totally Inept Balcony Gardener.

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