Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi Blog peoples. If you haven't guessed by now the blog is on a little bit of a hiatus. Between the last weeks of PhD writing and losing my camera connector cord I've had little ability to provide good content to this blog. The Thesis is due August 26th and it will be in then for sure. I look forward to sharing the Winter/Spring joys of the balcony garden with you then. For now, think about delicious home grown broccoli, which is what I have been enjoying recently!

Here's a gratuitous photo for posterity:


Cassy said...

beautiful balcony garden. Thanks for sharing.

Keep posting.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

coco said...

hello Prue
i am one of balcony gardener too. you have such a lovely garden

pelenaka said...

Good to take a blog hiatus, garden looks wonderful.

vijay shukla said...

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