Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Entangled Messiness

I like the word entangled, I use it in my thesis to describe my cohort of writers. It has a messy web of meanings which adds to its flair. Unfortunately I am entangled in a little bit of a less lovely battle, tis quite the quandry really, and it is all to do with the resident balcony garden arachnids.

It has been a particularly bad year for spiders in South Eastern Australia. The weather has meant they have been prolific and I've noticed a surge in numbers on the balcony. Now I am a rather large arachnaphobe. Having been bitten twice I am most definitely shy of them. Redbacks and Whitetails have no room in my life, if I see them they get squished, end of story. Although things like Huntsmans and Daddy Longlegs do a great service to the house I do not wish to see them. They can lurk and hide and do their jobs, just dont come near me or I will let out the most ear piercing squeal and hide in the corner and cry until someone removes them. I am less fearful of little baby spiders, those cute little red mite-like ones for instance. The problem comes with garden spiders. I don't mind the little ones that scuttle away when I turn over a pot with my gloved hands. They can get a little bigger and although I will shudder and get nervous when I see them it isn't squishville for them. No I have a different type of garden spider, he is aggressive and comes at me with all guns blazing. Yes he is just being territorial and I do have a tendency to pull down his web so I'd understand the animosity. It is just that I have no time for a spider like this, oversized, over-aggressive and not welcome on the balcony garden.

Currently he lives in the metal railing of the balcony and I have little chance of catching him and either squishing him or releasing him somewhere else. If only he wouldn't be so aggressive and the webs are becoming a problem. The tricky question is do I spray them to eradicate them or just let nature be? Should I just let Mr Aggressive Arachnid live his life?


Elena said...

Bitten twice! Oh, my God...bad luck.

Ivynettle said...

Ugh, spiders! We don't really have any that bite here in Austria (OK, so the garden spiders can bite, and I think they got me twice, but it's rare and not dangerous), but they still scare me! They're definitely not allowed in my balcony garden, either.

Kate said...

I feel your pain - spiders are definitely gross! Maybe you can encourage him to move to your neighbour's balcony???

Dogwood trees Tennessee said...

I agree with you Kate..
Thanks for sharing..

Gergely said...

Spider do good in your garden against some bugs/flies. Let him live :) just be cautious.
I also have a balcony garden, and would welcome some spiders, cos many tiny flies are living in couple of the pot, and when I do the watering, the just start to fuzz around.
Maybe you could send me that spider in a box of matches :)