Monday, November 15, 2010

Harvest Monday

Oh it has been a busy week or two, but the balcony garden waits for no postgrad. I've been harvesting quite a bit recently included in this is:

1. A bunch of oddly shaped purple carrots
2. 3 full sized zukes weighing in at over half a kilo and 3 small baby zukes which went in salad

3. lettuce almost every day (I love my salads)

4. Several strawberries of various kinds

5. Two little stems of red currants!
6. Sage for various pumpkin dishes
7. Three small eggplants which went into a curry

8. 1 head of garlic which went into a risotto (yes all of it) and 2 small heads of poorly formed garlic.

Harvest Monday looks set to be even better from here on in. Head on over to Daphne's Dandelions for mnore harvest monday madness.


kitsapFG said...

What a nice harvest you got this week! The balcony garden is doing a good job of keeping you fed.

Madame C said...

And here I am in a winter landscape dreaming my way back to the past summer! Oh, how I envy your wonderful climate! You are so lucky:)
Have a great week,

Barbie said...

Inept? Nah- small maybe. Looks like you are bringin in quite a bit now!

michelle said...

Mmm, fresh garlic is so good, I can believe that you put a whole head in that risotto.

Stevie from said...

great harvest - I wish I had your climate!

Daphne said...

Nice harvest. I so miss my zucchini, but I'll love watching yours produce during your summer. All you Australians keep me going over the winter. I always miss my garden so much when it is buried in snow.

Veggie PAK said...

I think it all looks pretty nice. That curry you mentioned with the eggplant, would you share a recipe? It sounds very tasty.

Kalena Michele said...

I hope you ate those zucchini flowers! Stuff them with some cheese and flash fry them with a little flour and oil. good. Lovely harvest :)

Veggie PAK said...

Everything looks great! I tried to grow a Red Lake currant bush for three years, but it finally died. Currants are delicious! As kids, we would eat them by the handfuls at my grandparent's farm.

prue said...

kitsapFG - it sure does, so many zukes to try and eat!

Madame C - It is a pretty good climate, though the summers can be pretty harsh. None of those long black winters though ...

Barbie - hehe I still do some silly garden things that leave me wondering if I have learnt anything, but yes the harvest is definitely starting to flow.

Michelle - it was a pretty subtle garlic (if that is possible) and it was a pretty big risotto - the venison chorizo needed something to combat it flavour wise. :)

Stevie - the Srping and Autumn are great but the long hot summers are a killer

Daphne - if only I could send you some! I can't use it fast enough

Veggie Pak - I am so embarassed but the curry was from pre bought curry paste! Just some yellow curry paste, coconut cream, cook whatever veg you like (or add tofu or meat) and serve. Is really easy and really tasty. I would love to make my own curry pastes but I simply don't have time or money. Currants, on the other hand, and just delicious, I wish I could grow more of them, but I guess then they wouldn't be a treat

Kalena Michele - I sure have, though I mostly rip up the flower petals and put them in salad. I love the fried version too but haven't seemed to get round to it yet.