Monday, November 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day

Well yes, I haven't posted much in the past two weeks and now it is 2 posts in one day, but then again that is what happens when it is garden bloggers blooms day and harvest monday on the same day. What is blooming in the garden at the moment? It has had to withstand some warm weather and some major downpours, and a slight amount of neglect from an overworked postgrad. Still there seems to be some lovely flowers out there at present.

There are some pretty annuals such as pansies and cornflowers and a white succulent

Perennial lanterns just keep on flowering as does the lemon scented geranium

Vegetables and herbs are unfolding in great numbers now too, pumpkins, zukes, purple bush beans, tomatoes and sage.


And the piece de resistance - the orchid, is still blooming!

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Mac_fromAustralia said...

Hi. I love the blue in the first photo. Your pumpkins are coming along nicely!

Jamie said...

Love the orchidy piece of resistance, Prue. They're top value flowers, aren't they?

And your sage flowers look just like mine! When the sage flowers fade, I cut off all the dead blooms, plus an inch more down the stem - it does wonders for the foliage a month or two down the track.

prue said...

Mac - they sure are, now I am getting both male and female flowers so they should actually set fruit

Jamie - Orchid was a gift from my aunty so its the best value of all :) Will definitely so that to my sage flowers, I never knew it helped so thanks! Love sage, but it never seems to last, maybe that trick will help (and putting it in a larger pot might help too!)