Monday, September 20, 2010

Harvest Monday Returnings

Sorry that it has been a little while between posts. I blame work and study commitments and the fact that I lost the cord that connects my camera to my computer. Luckily I am on holiday in Adelaide (with housesitter B looking after the balcony garden) so I have a little more time to write and in the process of packing I found my camera cord! So today's harvest Monday post will be a wrap up of the harvests from the past few weeks, including produce from my garden and generously donated produce from my Aunt's garden. I have other things to tell you about the garden, in which Spring has definitely sprung, but they can be held off for other posts.

So far I've harvested almost all the broccoli, which is pretty little now as it is only side shoots. I picked all the snow peas and promptly pulled the lot out which weren't producing. Silverbeet, I eat this almost daily. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to photograph it, though stay tuned for pictures of my Mum's rainbow silverbeet which is just huge.

My aunty supplemented my harvest with her harvest which included beetroots, brussel sprouts and broccoli. Yum

I turned them into this yummy beetroot risotto that I made to impress someone. :)

And look out for future harvests of these little yummies ... (there are 5 on the overwintered bush - 5!!!)


Ottawa Gardener said...

The beet rissotto looks fab. I'll have to try that. I love chard, produces all year round in the right conditions.

Daphne said...

Yum that all looks good. I love Brussels sprouts. Maybe next year. But then I say that of so many things.

debiclegg said...

So nice of your Aunt to share!

martha said...

Yeah for your rissoto. That looks amazing. And I drooled over your future eggplants. Do you grow those in a container? I'm interested in finding varieties to do that way.

Sorry about coming along so late. I got bogged down and there are a bunch of links!