Saturday, June 15, 2013


It has been ages, simply ages - but better late than never for a quick update. I've been busy teaching and studying, so there's been little time to garden, let alone write. I've stolen a few minutes away from the marking to make a quick harvest and an even quicker update.

We just harvested 2kgs of Jerusalem artichokes. Yes that's 2 KILOS! That's once the dirt had been washed away too. Amazing and all from just one pot. We're going to make gnocchi from some tonight, and roast the others up with dinner later this week. Delicious.

Kale, Silverbeet, lettuce and spinach are all growing well in this chilly winter weather.

Over the summer we harvested a metric tonne of tomatoes, and are already planning the Spring tomato garden.

I'll try and post more often, I promise :)


Dan said...

Pretty amazing harvest from one pot! Nice job :)

Daphne said...

Beautiful harvest for just one pot.

Jamie said...

Good timing. I was thinking to myself "haven't visited Prue's blog in quite a while" and here you are, freshly posted. You do know that the other name for Jerusalem artichokes is Jerusalem Fartychokes? Apparently it's one of those side-effects that doesn't affect all who eat them, but really hits home with others. Good luck!

j.sparwasser said...

Hi, when did restart your blog?

Online Plant Nursery said...

I net those are excellent with chicken dishes.