Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Ok, I lie a little, it really is just one ripe tomato, and it is long gone now but it is, indicative of things to come! I wanted to post this for harvest monday but TFA has been keeping me busy. I snuck a spare 5 minutes between readings to post this picture of the FIRST ripe tomato on the balcony garden for 2012. It was eaten on Sat, 24th November.

Not the earliest tomato we've had, but it was certainly delicious. There is another cherry tomato ripening on the same tumbler hanging pot bush, and I am hopeful that some of the larger varieties follow suit soon.


Patrick said...

The first tomato is always a thrill no matter its size. How well do those upside planters work for you. By appearance looks like it has the propensity to dry out more than traditional pots?

Missy Piggy said...

One word. Jealous.

Shipra Arora said...

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