Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kermit's Other Flowers

Miss Piggy joined the blog follower recently so all say hi to Miss Piggy!!! Thought it only fitting to focus a post upon Kermit's other roses,  well flowers, well indoor plants of sorts. Kermit, the resident indoor pot plant collector was pictured in a recent post with his current floral friend, the ranunculus. But this wasn't his first foray into pot hoarding. He got his first go in indoor por maintenance with a succulent:

He also has a fling with the daphne, but that was short lived and remains unphotographed. He even doted on this random other indoor plant that my Mum grew for me. (in this pic it is behind him, but you get the idea.)

Kermit also isn't the first non-plant dweller in the balcony garden. Remember the lego?? (you can see it in the title picture of this blog.)  Well there are some new adornments in the garden, gifted to me by a lovely cousin. Behold the dragonflies, one with the lemon tree, the other at the base of an apply tree.

Looks like I need to do some weeding! Adds a bit of fun to the balcony garden don't you think.

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