Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Harvest Monday: Sadface/Happyface

Mixed emotions here on the balcony garden: lotsa lemons and limes, but broccoli woes abound. There are sadfaces and happyfaces depending on the whim of the harvester.

What happens when there is more aphids than broccoli ... the first harvest Monday sadface fest. Yes I harvested TWO heads of broccoli this week. One was delicious, and eaten raw along with snowpeas, some other veg and curried pumkin soup:

The other, was trash, wasted, and I just couldn't bring myself to eat it let alone photograph it. There were more aphids infesting this head of broccoli than tiny green florets. Usually they're just on the leaves but this time they were everywhere. The head was tightly grown and these guys weren't going anywhere. Hot water, soaking, rinsing, they weren'y going to budge. In the end it got left out of its place in the intended risotto (Kale and mushroom, using kale from the Balcony garden) and wallowed on my kitchen bench until it became too ruined to even use. Major sadface moment.

But in happyface news I used a few of the lemons to make the most amazing lemon meringue cupcakes! I took them to uni and the lucky few who got one were well pleased. The lemon curd was super tangy and tasty. Happy faced campers all around.

But this does mean there are only one or two lemons left on the tree ... cue the potential sadface moment on the horizon. However, it is a happy face for the win because I have several limes from the lime tree sitting in the fruit bowl and they are going to make one delicious drink soon.

Yay happy face and yay harvest Monday. For other, less aphid filled harvests visit Daphen's Dandelions.


Daphne said...

Too bad about the broccoli. I always lose something every year. And always something different. I don't think you can grow a garden without the occasional sad face.

Mary Hysong said...

Well you win some and lose some. Just the good news is usually we win more than lose and that's the best part. Those are yummy looking cupcakes!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Happy and Sad are emotions we had been living with, it's alright!