Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's me Flower?

A change took place slowly in the balcony garden, I embraced flowers. Sure there was always the hibiscus and the two abutilons, and all the veggie flowers, but they have never featured very heavily on my planting agenda. Then slowly but surely more little floral numbers began to populate the garden. There were the two new fuschias (though the white and purple one I've blogged about before). The frilly pink and purple one is delightful, while the purple and white one seems pinker in some lights.

The random rockery mix which produced these flowers (I can name all of them except the pink one, any help?)

The portulaca kept its centre position on the table. But it was joined for a while by a gazania.

This plant which the lovely fellow gardener L gave me finally decided to flower (it's been a while coming, but what the heck is it?)

Even two of the mints joined in! The bees love the berry and cream mint in particular.

I've always had a few floral additions to the garden before but it has never been this crowded or free-ranging. Any ideas on what my mystery plants are?

Oh and if you want to see some other florals - check out my poor sewing attempts on my other blog, A Teetoal 2012 (it's what I do when I'm not drinkin')


Stephanie said...

Hi! The white and purple fuchsia is adorable. The colours are new to me. Never seen this one here before.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

It's nice to see colourful flowers. We are trying to put more colors to the garden here...

oanh said...

(I've been reading for a while but may never have commented - not sure...) Congrats on your graduation! but seeing as how you've asked for an ID for these in your recent post:-

- purple and pink one is most likely a matchstick bromeliad, otherwise known as aechmea gamoespala: wiki here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aechmea_gamosepala

- not so sure on the pink one but the leaves look like a balsam of some kind (fairly common is the himalayan balsam), although the flower looks kinda begonia-ish