Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Garlic Breath

Gosh do I love garlic, though it doesn't really like me. It has to be cooked, and cooked well, or I get a little case of the ouchy insides. But never mind that because I love garlic and eat it on a regular basis (leading to rampant garlic breath ... maybe that's why I'm still single ... or it could be the workaholism, alcoholism, and utter nutjobism ... nah totally the garlic!)

It goes in garlic soup, in stir fries, chilli, goodness I even just cook it up and add it to a salad. It is healthy (as viewed in most cultures) and has some medicinal benefits (again seen by most, but not all cultures)

Mike over at Urban Organic Gardener had a great, detailed post on growing garlic - though note for us Aussies, planting time isn't until Autumn, early Winter. Most people follow the rule of planting garlic on the shortest day of the year, and pulling it out on the longest day of the year. It's probably the best rule of thumb, but as usual I throw rules out the window. I planted this year's crops back in April and May and a last lot in June. Most of the tops are dying off now (or have already died off) which means it is ready for harvest.

And harvest I did - well 3 of the pots at least. The spoils were pictured at the beginning of this post. There are about 3 more pots last to harvest. They're small cloves, but boy do they pack a punch. Tasty, bitey yet slightly sweet?!?!? I've been using them where I can and gave a few away to friends. The haul is small, pots don't allow for much soil, so I fertilised these guys often. Maybe I need to plant elephant garlic to get a decent sized clove?!

Garlic takes ages, but it is well worth the wait in my view. And I plant them in slightly shallower pots (probably hurts the size factor) but it means I can layer then around the garden around the bigger pots for variety and a play with height.

Do you grow garlic? Do you have any tips to share? What's your cure for garlic breath?


Anonymous said...

Here in the midwest of the USA, I've planted garlic in mid to late fall. It just begins to grow roots and then is shut down by the cold winter for a few months. It picks up again in the spring and grows until mid-summer when I harvest it. I have a 4x8 bed planted for next year, just waiting. :D The best cure the garlic breath is probably to find a mate who likes garlic too.

Anonymous said...

Mites destroyed this year's garlic crop. I had planted them in with the chives; everything got ruined. Aren't mites supposed to HATE onions and their kin??? Bastards...

Orchidea said...

I am Italian and I love garlic. This year for the first time I planted some garlic clove (I put 2 garlic clove in a 30 cm pot, I want them to develop a lot and grow big) in October (beginning of Autumn season) and now are are growing in nice green plants. I will have to wait until next spring/summer to collect them and I am already curious to see the result. I will let you know.

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