Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fairytales in the Balcony Garden

I love eggplant. Be it cooked up in sauces or in pasta or turned into a dip, I find it such a treat. I even grew it over winter last year in the balcony garden and it did well. This year I went with a different variety of eggplant, fairytale eggplant. While these did not grow as large as their bonica mates, they certainly made up for their lack of size with prettiness. Just look at those purple and white stripes!

The taste is a bit milder but a bit crisper if that makes any sense. I'll certainly grow these again next year, in bigger pots if I am feeling nice. They like a fair bit of water, and the bugs get into them and cause damage but for the colour and taste alone I am smitten.

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becky3086 said...

I have grown and made eggplant once. I fried it and we dipped it in spaghetti sauce and it was wonderful. However, Phil had some stomach virus afterwards which, of course, he blamed on the eggplant and now he doesn't want to eat it again. It does grow really well here though.